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7 things to consider when booking your evening wedding band.

Seven things to consider when booking your wedding band. 

Your evening entertainment can be up to 5 hours of your wedding day so make sure you do it right!  

1. Does your venue have a sound limiter?

It’s so important to check that your venue doesn’t have one of these - they’re a bands worst enemy and could mean the power turning off mid-party, killing the dance floor! Even a cheering crowd can set them off. Not sweet. If your venue has a sound limit of 85 or lower, you’ll probably want to consider a DJ band as they can more easily control their sound limits.

2. Length of performance. 

Typically, most bands will perform either 2 x 1 hour sets or 3 x 45 minute sets - but the timings can vary depending on the size of the band. So it’s worth checking to avoid disappointment. 

3. Size of the band. 

The standard line up for a wedding is a 4 or 5 piece band and normally includes: A singer, guitarist, bassist, drummer and keys player. This can cost you anywhere from £1,000 for a good band. A step up from this is having a 6 piece band which will normally be either be the addition of a saxophonist or another singer (male or female) and cost upwards of an extra £400. If you want something super impressive and have a large budget - you can book an 8-12 piece band and get the full works! 

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4. Price. 

For a good wedding band you’re generally looking at anything from £1,200 - £5,000. They are definitely worth it if your budget allows - you’ll get an unforgettable party. But, if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, then a DJ is a cheaper alternative and will still give you a great party - Book DJs here -

5. Repertoire. 

A good band should be able to cover most music styles, but it’s worth asking to make sure - especially if you have specific music tastes.

6. Music during the breaks. 

Adding a DJ to the package will only increase the cost. Sometimes your venue will come with an in-house DJ which can be a bonus, however, it’s worth checking them out before agreeing to it because you don’t want some old school DJ that plays the hokey cokey. Most good bands will supply music during their breaks but bear it mind it will just be music from a Spotify playlist.

7. End of the night. Some venues have a curfew for live music - usually midnight. If you want the party to carry on until 2am then you’ll probably need to book a DJ too. We strongly recommend checking out this website for DJs -


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