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Young, cool and energetic,


Roving combine guitars and saxophone with gorgeous 3-part harmonies to create truly unique music for your event. No need for for wires, speakers and lights! As a true ‘Wandering Trio’, The Rovers perform a huge range of songs from 50s classics to today’s chart toppers (from Sinatra & The Beatles to Queen & Bruno Mars – and everything in-between) whilst mingling with you guests and guarantee to have them singing and dancing along to their unforgettable sound.

They also pride themselves on catering their playlist to your event (be it 20’s swing or 90s dance) and are happy to learn a song for you (be it a first dance or just a favourite tune) free of charge. They also ‘dress to impress’ and can come suited and booted in dinner jackets for smart events, or in their standard tweed-inspired’ outfits for those hot summer parties.


Duo - Guitar & Vocal

Trio - Guitar, Vocal & Sax

Quartet - Guitar, Vocal, Sax & Percussion 


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